Virtual Health Club

Bringing the Health Club to you.

On-line health, fitness and therapies at your fingertips.

.  Downloadable fitness classes for every flavour of exercise

.  Downloadable fitness and conditioning programmes, specific to your goals

- Simple, easy to follow healthy eating and nutrition plans

.  On-line personal training sessions to fit with your busy day.

.  On-line injury and therapy consultations and sessions

.  Live chats and fitness master classses with health and fitness experts

.  Email support and advice

All delivered by our health, fitness and therapy specialists at the top of their game.



Fitness professionals - Training Academies


We have joined with the some of the top Fitness Academies to deliver on-line and interactive fitness training.  We have a training programme to suit you.

Energywise Academy:  Region, Scotland.  Level 3 PT, Yoga, Pilates.  Level 2 Gym Instructor and Exercise To Music

Pegasus Training: Region, Glasgow.  Level 3 PT, Level 2 Gym Instructor, Spin.


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