Trainer: asapt

In my opinion the current health and fitness market can be a minefield for those looking for help and advice on how to achieve their fitness goals. With countless fads and gimmicks out there it's easy to be mislead.The simple truth,for the majority of people, is that it's not always an easy task to achieve these goals, however it is most definitely possible. With plenty of hard work, motivation, tried,tested and proven principles and understanding how these principles work you can and will succeed.As a personal trainer with 10+ years of experience, I only use such principles. I will provide all the motivation, information, education, training ideas and knowledge that you will need. All you need to provide is the hard work.I currently work from the facilities at Clydebank Rugby Club in Clydebank where I have access to indoor and outdoor training areas and use a wide variety of training methods therefore finding methods that are individually enjoyable, challenging and effective is not a problem and all part of the key to success.

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