Trainer: stevie

I’ve seen a lot of developments in health & fitness over the last decade. Fads come and go and that’s great. Diets explode onto the scene…and disappear even quicker.But the bottom line is you need me to get you off that couch, get you out there working hard but safe - ACHIEVING : dropping that dress size; getting that right shape; shedding those pounds; feeling amazing for that special occasion and gaining that extra power. And you need this done yesterday !!!How will I do this…• 12 Years Personal Training and Sports Coaching Experience. • Sports Diploma & Sports Science Graduate. • Qualified Sports Coach across a range of Disciplines.• 5 years Lifestyle Modelling Experience.• Experience of Martial Arts, Yoga, Mountain Biking, and all the usual sports !!• I am Mind, Body and Soul Health & Fitness Crazy.Work with Female & Male, Groups, Clubs & Events.My Expertise, Motivation and Experience means you can Achieve Efficient, Effective, Sustainable Results. I will not stop until you Smash your Goals. Simples. I do the Designing, Delivery and Development of your Specific Tailored Training so you can do the easy bit : Enjoy Achieving your Goals and Bask in all their Glory !Don’t put off till Tomorrow what YOU can do TODAY.

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