Trainer: cory

I am passionate about fitness especially weight training and I try to train everyday. I have been involved in fitness for most of my life, starting off with 800m running, with national success as a junior. I have also enjoyed dancing and have used every cardiovascular and resistance machine known to man over a twenty year period! In fact I enjoyed using gyms and attending exercise clases so much, I decided to get qualified eight years ago, slightly later in life!! I am also a REPS 3 Advanced Instructor. I was delighted to find employment as an instructor/trainer in an elite club in Glasgow where I worked full time for six years. Now at the very young age of forty I have now moved on and am broadening my experience in the industry! I am motivated and dedicated to help clients to achieve their goals, such as muscle gain, weight loss, toning, improving overall health and fitness, diet and nutritional advice and sports specific gains, at any age! Please get in touch as I would love to have a chat with you and inspire and encourage you to make all the little changes, that all add up and can make such a difference to your health, wellbeing and fitness. Claire

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