Trainer: AlignmentEndurance

Hi my name is sylvia williams im 39 years of age .Im fun easy going and just this year i changed my job from qualifed joiner, and have now retrained with energywise acamedy edinburgh and qualifed as a pilates teacherlevel 3. I also have continued to advance my fitness qualifications and have gained my exercise to music qualification level 2 again at the same academy in edinburgh . If you,ve ever suffered from sore backs or have old or recent sports injurys or any other bone or muscle injurys from your work or recreational activies or just from your life , and prehaps your back aches or any of the injurys prevent you from doing even the simplest tasks give me a call as i aim to help and assist you and your body how to learn how to improve your bodys alignment and bone posture .Through a series of gentle exercises set at slow pace and advancing at levels that suit and are build up and based on getting the foundations of re aligment of the body .I will work with your bodys core and through correct breathing this will aid these execises and gain results in the areas requiring aid .It is proven pilates as a form of exercise is the best way and over time and done regularly will work

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