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Mike Poole prides himself on giving his customers the highest possible level of service, advice and support. Mike can help you achieve your fitness goals whether you need Sports Specific Training, Elite Athlete conditioning , dietary advice, toning and conditioning or you need help to recover from an injury.Unlike other Personal trainers, Mike has competed and trained at international level in numerous sports. He therefore, understands just how hard training can be and what you have to go through to achieve your goals. As well as competing at international level Mike Poole works for Dundee United FC as the head of sports science for the youth academy all this extra knowledge and experience allows him to put together a specific, fun and tailored plan that fits in with your life and helps you achieve your goals With a private gym at his disposal for the specific use of his clients there is no queueing, waiting and no onlookers whilst you train, this makes for a relaxed and more personal service, something that other trainers struggle to offer.give Mike a call today on 07875 499 011 to arrange your free consolation and session .
Perth and Kinross

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