Trainer: daniel

Having recently qualified as a personal trainer; I plan on passing on all my skills and enthusiasm to my all clients whilst helping them reach their goals and surpassing them.I have been involved with sport and fitness since a very young age – whether playing football with Leeds United FC, competing in Triathlons around the world, swimming for Yorkshire or just enjoying a round of golf.A lot of my previous experience has been Cardio (running, cycling, and swimming) based but I am now a keen practitioner of weight training, especially when focusing on toning, body sculpting or muscle building. I am also a big advocate of intensive circuit training due to its fat loss and toning properties.For those interested in running I am able to analyse your running style and evolve it in order to make your style more efficient and eradicate any muscle bleeding, breathing irregularities, back pain, joint issues and all in all improve your running experience.Nutrition is a major part of any body image alterations. Increased activity in the gym must be accompanied by a change in your lifestyle out of the gym – this is why I offer all clients an extensive diet plan tailored to your exact goals. Along with this I will give you advice on possible supplementation in terms of what will help you, when to take it and how it will help you. The training I offer can be sport specific, injury dependant, on a one-to-one basis, group sessions, on the PowerPlate or incorporate any specific qualities in order to meet your needs.

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