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MYTH - Muscle Conditioning  = Big and Bulky

Myth – weight training makes you bulky

Truth - it takes months of dedication, specialist programming and restricted diet to build large muscles (hypertrophy). It is easier for guys, who have higher testosterone levels to do this, so women have an even longer route to achieve the big muscle look.

Our confusion is that when we do weight training and burn off the soft layer of body fat covering our body, we start to see those lean, muscles underneath.

The trick is to decide what look you want. Is it an athletic look or a leaner, dancer look?

Then choose what you want to choose for muscle conditioning – barbell, dumb-bells, kettlebells, body weight, suspension straps, cables, stability ball and medicine balls. My advice is to change your exercises frequently for best effects.

For a leaner, dancer look – body weight, suspension straps, cables and stability ball are fantastic for muscle conditioning, which keeps the muscles lean and lengthened. Classes such as pilates and yoga promote strength and stretch for the long muscle look.

For an athletic look – barbell, dumb-bell, kettlebells and medicine balls are superb for the athletic look. Keeping the repetitions around 10 -15 will keep the muscles strong, without building muscle mass. Classes such as body pump, body conditioning, circuits and boot camp are perfect for achieving great muscle tone.

As well as body conditioning, it is vital that you throw in some cardiovascular fitness as well. Running, cycling, zumba, spin, aerobics, basically anything that gets you hot, sweaty and breathless Add a healthy, balanced diet and you have the perfect combination for that toned look.

Here are some conditioning exercises to help burn fat, sculpt lean muscle and become a more effective calorie burning machine!

Body Weight & Suspension Strap

  • Squat Jumps (Legs)
  • Lunges (Legs)
  • Push Up and Side Plank (Upper body, legs and core)
  • Twisting Leg Extensions (Core)
  • Chin Ups (Backs and legs)
  • Rows (Backs and arms)

Weight Training (KB’s, DB’s and Barbell)

  • Kettlebell Swing (Legs)
  • Clock Lunges (Legs)
  • Chest Press and Tricep Extension (Upper Body and Arms)
  • Windmills and Tricep Ext (Back and Arms)
  • T-Shape Chest and weighted crunch (upper body, back and core)
  • Standing Twists (Core and arms)
  • Clean and Press (Back, upper body and arms)

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