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Ripped in a Rush

Most guys look at the ripped models on the latest aftershave advert and think, wow; I would love to look like that! Why? Well as you walk down the beach, you would have the ladies swooning and guys secretly checking you out in admiration. The reality is it requires a strict diet and hours of gym work to achieve such a lean and ripped look, which in turn can affect how much time you actually get to show off your toned torso. Then, when you catch someone’s eye and start dating, will they understand, that actually, they are only second place on the priority list to “temple torso”!

Instead, why not find some quick ways to build muscle, get toned, look great and still have a life. You will still look awesome strutting, er, I mean walking tall down the beach, but you will look healthy and have time to use your charm instead of letting your muscles do all the talking.

The Bourne Identity – attack the weights with the speed and determination of Jason Bourne - get in, do the job and get out again! Do weight training that involves multi-joint movement, called compound exercises. When doing body weight exercises, use the same principal, the more movement you can put into each exercises, the more muscles you will hit and often you get a cardio effect too. This cuts the time you spend in the gym and ensures you are getting an effective, all round workout.

Deadlifts (Barbell) – standing, feet hip width apart, just under barbell. Squat down, keeping back straight. Grip bar, hands shoulder width apart. Stand up, securing heels into floor and keeping arms extended. Pull shoulders back and down at top of lift. Return bar to floor.

Clean and Press (Barbell) – standing, feet hip width apart, just under barbell. Squat down, keeping back straight. Grip bar slightly wider than shoulder width, then stand up, pushing heels into floor and pulling bar up close to body and shrugging shoulder, lifting elbows high. Squat and drop the elbows, under the bar, flicking the bar up to shoulders. Stand up and push the bar above your head, keeping back straight. Lower bar to shoulders, into semi-squat, stand up and rotate arms round bar, elbows up. Extend arms towards thigh and squat to return bar to the floor.

Burpee and Push Up – standing, feet hip width apart, squat bottom to floor, keeping heels on floor. Place hands on floor, shoulder width apart and jump feet back into push up position, lower chest to floor, push back up. Jump feet in between your arms and jump up as high as you can, landing with bent knees. Repeat

**Aiming for 2 -3 x per week

Fast and Furious – fires your fat burning engine by introducing fast paced intervals into all your cardio training. Whatever you do to get the old ticker working, make sure you do it at full throttle for as long as you can, then recover at a slower pace, then accelerate again to full speed.

Hills Sprints – find a hill and sprint up it, then jog back down to recover and start again. Keep doing this, until you literally cannot do any more. If you manage more than 15 minutes of this – find a steeper/longer hill or put a weighted rucksack on your back.

Swimming Switch – do two lengths fast crawl, one length breast stroke and one length any stroke without using your legs. Great interval training and unbelievable upper body strengthening – if you are looking for that V-shape.
Squash – hit the squash court and find out why this is one of the best interval training workouts you can do. You will be sweating and gasping for air within 10 minutes, as you are running, stopping, turning and moving the entire time, whilst powering that little black ball around the walls.

**Aim for 3 x per week.

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly – 6 days per week, be “good” and eat very well. 3 balanced meals per day, with a fist and a half of lean protein (fish, chicken, eggs, soya, nuts/seeds, beans), large portion of portion of colourful vegetables and just a palmful of wholegrains (wild rice, wholemeal pasta, quinoa, oats). Plus, 3 protein rich snacks or shakes (peanut butter, handful seeds/nuts, sliced meat, boiled eggs). Protein rich snacks/shakes are best eaten immediately after your workout to aid recovery and repair the body. Then one day a week, be “bad” and eat a high protein and fat meal, like a good quality burger or juicy steak and chunky chips. This tricks the body into boosting your metabolism and increases thyroid output, hence burning more fat. Red meat is good for blokes trying to bulk, as it also boosts testosterone levels – but keep it to once per week, as your body finds red meat difficult to break down. The “ugly” truth is you have to go back to the good eating again, but hey, I am sure you would get bored eating burgers every day – wouldn’t you???

With all this effort being put in, ensure you do get some rest and a good night’s sleep. Your body fully repairs muscle fibers and replaces dead cells, ensuring you are raring to go for the next workout session.

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