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Home Boot Camp

I have often heard people say that they do not have the income to train at a gym, do not have childcare for exercising outside the house or simply cannot motivate themselves to leave the house, once they are home and settled. As always, there is a solution to this, we just need to be a little creative.

Everyone can get fit and healthy by working out at home, you do not need to visit a gym or have oodles of equipment. Remember, you have the best exercise system in the world to work with at home – your body weight! It is always with you, you can do a multitude of exercises with it and by making some simple alterations, and you can progress and intensify an exercise with ease.

At home, always go for short, intense bursts. Always change the exercises in every session and don’t repeat the same exercise two days in a row – we want to confuse the muscles to make them work harder. Mix the sweaty stuff with the toning stuff and bingo, you have the perfect combination for results.

So, let’s start with the motivation – get your favourite tunes blasting, hide your TV remote control and get off the sofa.

Stairs - an amazing piece of exercise equipment, where you can do a full workout. Top athletes use stair running in their workouts, so why can’t you?

  • Runs – run up and down them. Take two steps at a time on the way up. Do this until you are completely goosed, take a short breather, then do it again! To progress, take three steps at a time or put a rucksack on with two, 2 litre bottles of water! (cardio, leg and bottom toning)
  • Push Ups – place your hands on the 3rd step, on your toes/knees, tummy pulled in, straight back, lower chest to the stair and push up to starter position. As you get stronger, use lower on the steps. Once you are rocking with this, put your feet on the steps instead – these are awesome. (chest, core, arms, shoulder toning)
  • Step Jumps – from 2nd/3rd step, jump down to floor, into a squat and jump up as high as you can, repeat until your legs are dead. (cardio, leg and bottom toning)
  • Side Squats – do a squat with one leg on the floor and the other on the 1st step, then move up one stair, placing the feet on 2nd and 1st stair, do another squat – repeat all the way to the top. Walk back down, now do it again with the opposite leg leading. (cardio, leg and bottom toning)

Chair – everyone has a chair in their house, so no excuses! Preferably, use a hard chair, but if you only have the sofa, then that will do, just be careful with foot placement on a soft seat.

  • Tricep Dips – hands either side of you bottom on chair, outstretch legs, bottom close to step. Lower bottom to floor, bending at elbows, push back up until arms are straight. (arms and shoulder toning)
  • Step Up – step on the chair, putting full feet on, then step off, alternating the lead leg. To make it tougher, hold a 2 litre bottle of water in each hand.(leg and bottom toning)
  • Superman – lying on the chair, with your stomach on the seat, outstretch your arms and legs, keep neck long by looking at the floor. Raise opposite arm and leg slightly, keeping stomach pulled in tight, then repeat on other side. To make the exercise more challenging speed up the alternate arm/leg movement or hold a can in each hand. (back and core toning)

Floor – the list is endless, but here are a few exercises that you can do easily without a lot of floor space. As long as your body length can fit on the floor, you can do these exercises.

  • Squat Thrusts on a wooden/tiled floor – put hands under shoulders, legs outstretched (as if going to do a full push up) and place a towel under your feet. Slide knees into chest and back out to start position. Ensure you keep tummy pulled in tight and back straight. (core, shoulders, arms and chest toning)
  • Jacks and OTS Running – on the spot (OTS), run as fast as you can until your can’t do any more, then do jumping jacks, follow with a jog for a few seconds and repeat. Want to make this a little more difficult, pull the cushions off the sofa or the mattress off the bed and do it on there. (cardio)
  • Leg Extensions – lie on the towel on your back. Knees above hips, lift your shoulders just off the floor. Extend one leg out, return to above hips, then extend the other leg. If you want to ramp up the volume on this, place your hands beside your ears. As you extend the leg, bring your elbow to meet your knee, twisting all the way round to the side. (core toning)
  • Arm Circles – standing or sitting, roll your shoulders back and down. Hold a can in each hand, outstretch your arms to the side at shoulder height and push them slightly back. Do small circles backwards, squeezing your shoulder blades together, until you literally cannot do any more. Relax for a minute and repeat. To increase the intensity – use a large bottle of water instead. (back, shoulder, arm toning)
  • Lunges – feet hip width apart, take a big step forward, keep front knee above ankle and back knee drops below hip, almost to the floor, back heel lifts off the floor. Keep doing this on alternate legs until you are fatigued. To progress, you can hold a 2 litre bottle of water in each hand or jump into the lunges instead of stepping. (cardio, leg and bottom toning)

Circuit Central - why not set up a little circuit using 2 cardio and 2 toning exercises. Do them one after the other for 5 minutes without stopping. If you do this twice per day for 6 days, you have just done a 1 hour, high intensity class – well done you!

1 Minute Challenge – do one exercise for a minute, doing as many repetitions as you can – then next time, beat your score! Finish with a celebratory lap of the living room, t-shirt over your head is optional!

100 Rep Results – go for 100 reps, twice per day. You can do this by mixing up the exercises, but ensure you have completed 100 reps in total. You know what’s coming next, once you can do it easily, go for 200 reps!

Always remember to warm up before doing your exercises – dance around for a couple of minutes, run on the stop and do some squats or walk up and down the stairs a few times, swinging your arms. Take time to stretch too, do the legs, then the chest, back and arms – holding for around 15 seconds.

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