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EXERCISE - the Stress Buster

We all experience stress in our lives at some point, but for many of us this is an ever growing problem.
Research shows that stress levels in all of us are on the up! With expectations getting higher, targets are ever growing and deadlines get tighter.

Our health service is seeing more and more stress related illness and problems. During stressful times we tend to adopt a fight or flight approach, which is a great as a survival technique short term, however, long term, this can result in both physical and emotional symptoms, illness and injury. When we are fit and strong, we are more able to fight illness and recover more quickly.

We are not just talking about the high flyers in life, we are talking about YOU. Whether you are a busy mum, a father trying to support your family or attending a never ending trail of interviews with no job at the end. Stress can affect everyone and in different ways.

The great news is that virtually any form of exercise and activity can be a stress buster. Here are some of the effects that combat the symptoms of stress –

  • Feeling Good, Looking Good - endorphins flow, which helps lift mood, improve confidence and give you a sense of control. Often the effects of exercise are compared to that of meditation, with a sense of calm experienced afterwards.
  • A Good Night’s Sleep – exercise can reduce muscle tension, encouraging a deeper, more rested sleep, where you feel energised and ready to face the world and all it’s challenges
  • Fun and Fitness – doing activities you enjoy, ensure you have fun and keep to it. Whether you prefer to zone out on your own or get together with a group of like minded folk, choose what helps you escape those daily stresses for a while! People, who are smiling or laughing, usually don’t find that too stressful.
  • Don’t Stress About It – if you are new to exercise, try lots of things to find what you like, take it easy and build up your fitness levels. None of us were born “fit”, so we have all been on the same journey as you at some point in our lives.
  • Do Your Own Thing – doing any exercise is great for stress, but do what suits your mood and situation. Is it a hot and sweaty whoop whoop type of class? Do you prefer getting outdoors for fresh air and freedom? You might feel like punching and kicking your troubles away? Maybe you want the calm environment of yoga or pilates or the challenge of pushing some weights? Whatever it is, do what feels right for you at the time.

Here are some suggestions for stress busting exercise -

Get on your bike! Whizzing along with the wind blowing in your hair or sweating for dear life in a spin studio, this is a fantastic form of cardio exercise.

Stick your trainers on! Step outside that front door and take a long walk or go for a run. Again, the fresh air and freedom of being outdoors is a great tonic.

Moving to music! Shake your hips at a Zumba, do groovy grapevines at aerobics, throw some shapes on the dance floor or pump some iron to some pumping sounds. Whatever it is, join others in loving the exercise you love.
Everyone can do Sport! Dig out those old football boots, play a game of recreational hockey and learn how to play tennis. Whatever level you are at, there are clubs in your area that will take you on.

Try something new! If you see a class you like the look of, take the next step and give it a go and we sure you will reap the benefits of a new form of activity. So, if you have always fancied snowboarding down our beautiful mountains, or getting your dancing feet to go in the same direction – just go for it. You are likely to have a laugh and learn something new. The main thing is, you will forget about your stresses whilst doing it.

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