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Body Image and Body Shape

Both men and women are often unhappy with their bodies and recent research shows this appears to be on the increase due to the many “perfect body images” we see in daily life.

Men either want the big, muscular, physique or the lean, ripped look.  Women strive for the perfect shape, either the super slim body or the sassiest, curves. But the truth is there is no perfect shape, as we all have different body shapes.

The facts! There are three main body shapes -

Ectomorph - tall with a slim build. Narrow hips and shoulders, with long limbs and tend to have less body fat and muscle mass. They have difficulty gaining weight and increasing muscle mass.  Celebrity ectomorphs - Kate Moss, Courtney Cox, Cheryl Cole, Bruce Lee, Brad Pitt, Edward Norton.

** Exercises for Ectomorphs – you want to get some muscle conditioning in, such as weight training, kettlebells or body weight exercises. Balance with a couple of cardio sessions each week, cycling, power walking, swimming.


Mesomorph - muscular, athletic build. Broader chest and shoulders, with smaller waist.  Generally store fat evenly throughout body, but can become overweight if inactive or poor diet. Easy for you to build muscle or achieve an athletic shape.Famous mesomorphs - Demi Moore, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Swartzenegger, Madonna, Halle Berry, Anna Kournikova

** Exercises for Mesomorphs – cross training is great for your shape, mixing cardio and muscle conditioning exercise. Circuit training, suspension strap and boxing are superb examples of cross training.

Endomorph - rounder, curvier shape (hour glass figure or pear shape).  Soft, round shoulders, limbs and chest area. Inclined to have higher body fat storage. For girls, body fat is stored hips, lower stomach, bottom and thighs. For guys,  it’s stomach area and chest.  Well known endomorphs - Marlyin Monroe, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce Knowles. Kate Winslet, Robin Williams, Jack Black, James Corden.

** Exercises for Endomorphs – you want plenty cardio exercise, such a running, kick boxing, spin and boot camp style class. Balance your training with some strength and toning exercises, pilates, stability ball and weight training.


Whatever your shape, we can all improve it and we can all exercise for health and fitness benefits. Understanding the different body shapes helps us be realistic about what we can achieve safely and naturally.

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